About us

Although this is meant to be a regular About Us page, it isn’t. 

It might sound weird and somehow disappointing but hold on for a minute, you still might find here exactly what you were looking for.

This is rather a story about Jack.

For you and me, this might sound as a really fun piece to read. But it ain’t for Jack. If he could see you laughing to him about his issue, he would probably smash you at least once in your face without thinking twice before doing it.

If you saw him on the street, you would think of Jack as an average guy. However Jack has a huge issue that he bothers his mind about for a couple of months already. 

He recently decided to install a brand new central heating system and paid for it an amount that he would rather not share with us because of how he feels about it right now. 

He would expect that the central heating system would be a perfect fit for his home as he paid a lot for it. 

He read on a couple of websites online that he would also save money despite the costly installation of the whole system.

It all sounded just great, but…

Let’s try to bring the Jack’s issue closer to you.

Jack is a novel writer and he lives in the city in his mid-sized flat during the summer. He likes to live in the city and he has plenty of friends there. 

However, he also likes to escape from all the urban noise during the winter. As a semi-successful novel writer he managed to afford to buy a nice little house just dozen miles away from the city. So he likes a lot to spend his time in his house in the woods during the winter.

He just becomes too easy to get annoyed by anything during the winter and he already feels like his far ancestors were a really good friends with bears. He sleeps a lot during the winter and needs some piece when he doesn’t.

And changing the environment from a time to time seems to be refreshing for his writing as well. He gets to see everything from a little bit different perspective than before, every time he moves from the city to his house in the woods and from his house to the city.

Jack’s home in the woods isn’t that large but it isn’t small either. It has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a relatively small office with a magnificent look to the woods and this is where Jack does all of his writing during the winter. There is also a huge living room with a kitchen.

Now winters are really nice there, one could even say magnificent. Once the snow covers the area it will most likely stay there till the spring. But that means that the temperature there rarely goes above the zero. 

There’s plenty of sunny days there during the winter but that’s only good for watching. 

Jack needs to heat his home every day. In order to do that he has to get up early in the morning and make sure his central stove is loaded with wood to keep the home warm for the rest of the day.

His central heating system works pretty well but, it also burns a lot of wood.

And Jack is smart enough to see what’s going on already. While the idea of having the central heating system installed is not that bad, he feels like it would be smarter for him to find something that would heat only his office and his bedroom for the most of time. This would cut down his heating costs drastically.

Jack is still a young guy but he plans to settle and marry soon. And he also gets visited by his family couple of times during the winter. His nice home out of the city has somehow started to become an obligatory place for his family gatherings during the holidays.

He loves these gatherings and therefore his fierce desire to rush into installing a central heating system in the first place. He wants only a nice warm home for his numerous family when they are there.

But for the rest of the times he just doesn’t need it. He is a really bad cooker and he never turns his TV on.

So, when everything put on paper, Jack realises that he would be just fine to get his office heated during the day and his bedroom mildly heated during the night.

Finally, Jack decided to stop procrastinating about this and he decided to turn online again to find a supplemental heater that would fit all of his needs hoping that this time he will look better and get exactly what needed, nothing more and nothing less than that.

And who knows, maybe once when he manages to solve and put behind this minor but for him a such mind-boggling discomfort, he might be finally ready to finish his next book that he has been working on for so long and he already knows that once finished it would be his own best-seller so far.


We’re a group of young passionate entrepreneurs who are working hard to curate and provide you with the most relevant information and reviews of central heating and air conditioning systems for your home.

If you read the Jack’s story, you could see that making hasty decisions can be costly and it can make you feel angry or bad about yourself. Our goal is to bring you closer to what you are looking for and we hope to deliver a slightly different perspective into your decision-making.