Airhome & Wi-Fi Commissioning

When you’re building a new home or renovating an existing home, you want your customers to get up and running without a hitch. Airhome Commissioning Agents can connect with your customers in their home to setup the WiFi and show them what Airhome can do.

Need some help setting up your Wi-Fi? We’ve got that covered too.

Let our on-site Commissioning Agents work for you to help get you off to the races right the first time.

We help configure the Wi-Fi

Our Commissioning Agents run a tried and true method of setting up and configuring the AirPort Extreme Base Stations with a few simple tweaks that make your customers Wi-Fi® network reliable and robust to support the technology the streaming experience they’ve grown to love.

Our Wi-Fi Commissioning Agents are a great resource for Airhome Partner Program too!