Airhome is designed to revolutionize and simplify installed home audio.

Why does every smarthome audio system have to be custom?

Airhome was designed to take the 'custom' out of custom.


Your project teams can easily add Airhome to your home construction schedules.


Wiring Airhome is virtually the same every time. All you need is speaker wire, speakers, and the Airhome panel.


Spend less time with custom systems and more time delighting home buyers.

Minimum investment, Maximum wow

Installed home technology has been overcomplicated for far too long. Airhome is designed to change all that. It’s extremely easy to wire in and ridiculously simple to setup.

Your customers will be delighted to use it and even better, they will thank you for making their new home ‘new’, in the truest sense of the word.

Set it up in hours, not days.

Airhome wiring is simple and configuring it is even easier. All you need is an iPhone and a USB cable. The Airhome app takes care of the rest.

No custom programming required. No high tech specialist either. Just wire in the speakers, activate the Wi-Fi and you’re off to the races.

When you're building a beautiful new house, you need a beautifully simple audio system.

No new homeowner wants a house full of boomboxes or a closet full of clutter. By installing architectural speakers and connecting them to Airhome, high quality audio is evenly distributed and rooms are left uncluttered.

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