Airhome is wall mounted by design.

Remember when microwaves were located on counter-tops? Neither do we. Appliances are fixtures of the home, and that’s what Airhome was designed to be.
It’s time to get home audio components off of shelves and countertops, and it’s even more important to get them out of stacks of racks. We designed Airhome to unobtrusively mount to a wall of your choosing anywhere in your home.

Airhome can be installed on virtually any wall in your home.

Some common wall mounting locations for Airhome include the mechanical or utility room, high up in a hallway similar to the location of the doorbell chime, or even the laundry room. You do not need to wall mount the Airhome panel in a location that it can be seen, however, the Airhome panel does need to be located within range of a Wi-Fi access point for a reliable connection to the home network.


Home Audio Distribution Panel

Wall mounted. Removable access panel. 300W Max. 115V AC


Where can I mount the panel?

The Airhome panel is designed to be mounted on any available wall space anywhere in the home. This includes traditional locations such as the mechanical or utility room, but due to Airhome's revolutionary patended wall mount design, Airhome can be placed in any number of locations in the home such as high up in a hallway similar to a doorbell chime placement, or even the laundry room. There is no height restriction on where you can locate the panel. The key consideration for the panel location is only that it is in proximity to the Wi-Fi® network so that each Wi-Fi® enabled Airhome AMP can connect to a reliable Wi-Fi® signal.

How much wall space to I need to mount the Airhome panel?

You will need to leave approximately 30'' x 50'' of wall space for mounting the panel. The Airhome panel is 19'' x 10'' so an area of 30'' x 50'' will leave approximately 5'' of space around the product.

How do I power the Airhome panel?

Airhome requires a standard grounded electrical outlet at your panel location. The electrical outlet should be installed at a height and location that the panel and speaker wiring hole will be located. Airhome is designed to conceal both the electrical outlet and speaker when finally wall mounted.

*Only a qualified and licensed electrical professional to handle or connect any electrical wiring or electrical outlet terminations. Use of a licensed electrician may also be mandated by some jurisdictions or insurance policies.

How do I run the speaker wiring for Airhome?

All speaker wire throughout the home must be ‘homerun’ to your panel location. Each individual speaker requires a single run of 16:2 in-wall rated speaker wire. Learn more >

*The installation of speaker wiring and the type of speaker wire used must conform to the requirements of the National Electrical Code (USA) or Canadian Electrical Code (Canada). Ensure unit power is off before connecting speakers.

How do I use the levelling mounting bracket?

Airhome's patented Levelling Mounting Bracket should be placed next to the decorative cover plate of the grounded electrical outlet with the round side up. The back of the Airhome panel has a matched recess with rounded top. When you place the Airhome panel on the mounting bracket you can then use the level bubble that's built into the product to confirm it's level prior to tightening the two bolts that are included with the Levelling Mounting Bracket.

Can I install Airhome outside?

No, Airhome is not designed for exterior use and there is no Warranty for exterior use.

Can I install more than 1 Airhome panel per home?

Yes! For 5 rooms of audio you will need 1 Airhome panel. If you want 5 more rooms of audio, just add another panel. Each panel requires 1 x grounded electrical outlet and 'homerun' speakers at the panel location. You do not need to mount 2 panels in the same location. In a large home you could mount 1 panel in one wing of home and another panel in another wing of the home. The same key consideration applies for every Airhome panel location, just confirm each panel will be within range of the Wi-Fi® network so that the Airhome AMPs can make a reliable wireless connection.

Wall mounting Airhome is much like mounting a flat panel TV.

All you need is an electrical outlet, a speaker wire hole cut adjacent to the outlet, and Airhome’s patented levelling mounting bracket to securely fasten Airhome to the wall.

First you will need an electrical outlet wired at the Airhome panel mounting location.

Next, you need to cut a hole and pull the speaker wire through the wall board in preparation for terminating them to the panel.

Last, you must place the levelling mounting bracket adjacent to the electrical outlet cover plate and screw it down with a drill.

Airhome is designed to conceal all wiring permanently behind the beautiful brushed aluminum access panel. Once it’s wired you will never need to see the wires again, ever.

When Airhome is fully wired and terminated at the construction stage of a new home build or renovation, the wires are permanently concealed, and all you need to do is add Amps.

Once Airhome is wall mounted and all speaker wiring is terminated, simply add Amps to the panel to activate Airhome. You can add up to 5 Amps per panel for 5 rooms of audio. If you need more rooms, just wire for a second panel.

WARNING: Do not mount the Airhome panel in a closet, cabinet, or enclosure that will impede the flow of cooling air.

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