Airhome uses only speaker wire.

The Airhome panel is wired to speakers throughout your home, but you control all your music wirelessly on your home Wi-Fi.
There are no ethernet or data cables required. Cat5/Cat6, Cat what? Don’t worry, after you’ve wired your speakers using the tried and true red to red and black to black, all you need is Wi-Fi to play all your music wirelessly and you’ll never have to see or touch a wire again.

Each Airhome system can wire up to 5 rooms of audio.

4 rooms of your home can be wired for Stereo Sound and 1 room can be wired for Surround Sound with each Airhome system. Need more rooms? Just add another system!

Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Patios, and Kitchens are great places to wire for Stereo Sound, and the Living Room, Rumpus Room, or Great Room are awesome places to wire for Surround Sound so that you further take advantage of watching HD movies or TV shows on your Apple TV® while listening on Airhome in Surround Sound.

Speaker Wiring Configurations

Airhome allows for three different speaker wiring configurations. Each configuration benefits different listening environments. For example, Stereo 2.0 is great for the Kitchen, Stereo 2.1 makes watching movies in the master bedroom divine, and 5.1 Surround Sound makes listening to music or watching movies in the Great Room a high quality listening experience for the whole family.

Stereo 2 point what? And Surround Sound 5 point what?

Don’t worry! This audio jargon is actually really simple and helps when deciding what kind of listening experience you want to achieve in each room of your home. The first number always equals the amount of speakers and the second number equals the amount of subwoofers for added bass response. So “2.1” just means 2 speakers and 1 subwoofer.

Stereo 2.0

Stereo 2.0 = 2 speakers, no subwoofers.

Stereo 2.1

Stereo 2.1 = 2 speakers, plus 1 subwoofer.

5.1 Surround Sound

5.1 Surround Sound = 5 speakers plus 1 subwoofer.

How To Wire Using Airhome Speaker Connectors

Swipe through to see each speaker wiring connector and configuration.

When wiring Airhome, make sure to strip only 3 / 16” (or 5 mm) of bare wire. This will help ensure that the bare wires do not touch and cause an audio short or dropout.

When Airhome is fully wired and terminated at the construction stage of a new home build or renovation, the wires are permanently concealed, and then all you need to do is add Amps.

What you need to get started.

WARNING: Only a qualified and licensed electrician should connect electrical wiring or electrical outlet terminations.

Product Safety